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5 Ways Your Small Company Can Cut Costs

Small business owners find it a little difficult to turn their startups around. In most cases, their ventures require a lot on financial input and getting to the point where they can actually make...

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Sometimes You Just Need To Relax…

Apocryphal story: The fakecop pulled over the male driver.
Cop: “You were going 75 miles per hour.”
Man: “Only 65.”
Wife: “No, Harry, it was more like 80.”
Cop: “You also have a broken taillight.”
Man: “I didn’t know that.”
Wife: “You’ve known about it for weeks, Harry.”
Cop: “And you’re not wearing a seat belt.”
Man: “I just took it off when I stopped.”
Wife: “You never wear it, Harry.”
Man: “Shut up, you idiot!”
Cop: “Does he always yell at you that way?”
Wife: “No, only when he’s drunk.”

There is no doubt that this kind of actions in army are on daily basis. After all these soldiers are just men with their needs. Now they are the members taking part in the tour of booty!

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3 Costly Mistakes Companies Make

The Negative Impact of Company Mistakes Every company will make mistakes during its history, so the question is not whether a company makes a mistake, but what are the reasons for the mistake and...